Q. As a job seeker, what will it cost me to speak to a Consultant at Legal People about my career prospects?

A. There is no charge for a candidate to use our services. Once you have registered your interest with us, we can:

  • Meet with you to discuss the current market and any opportunities potentially available.
  • Conduct skills assessments (for support staff).
  • Assist you with interview techniques and CV presentation.
  • Provide you with salary advice.
  • Submit applications on your behalf for positions (with your consent).
  • Liaise with client contacts on your behalf.
  • Schedule your interviews
  • Negotiate salary on your behalf.
  • Keep you informed of our progress every step along the way.

Q. Can I be registered with more than one recruitment consultancy?

A. Yes. We do however recommend that you limit the number of agencies you register with in order to best manage your career move. This may depend on your background and career preferences. For example, you may find that registering with just Legal People for a legal position works well because we have a large number of roles and firms that we work closely with. However you may find you end up registering with another consultancy with a different specialty and client base. Keep a full list of the companies that your details have been submitted to ensure that you are not being represented by different recruitment agencies to the same organisation.

Q. I have previously been registered with other recruitment agencies but would like Legal People to represent me in the future.

A. Relationships are important and we want you to have confidence in your consultant and the level of service that you receive. To register with Legal People, please forward your CV to info@legalpeople.com.au or speak to one of our Consultants.

Q. For legal secretary or word processing operator roles, what is the minimum typing speed and accuracy percentage that I should aim for?

A. Each secretarial role will vary widely depending on how much typing is involved in the role and what level of experience they require. In general, a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute with a high degree of accuracy (96% +) would be the minimum requirement.

WP roles are however specialist typing roles so usually a typing speed of at least 75+ words per minute with a high degree of accuracy (98%+) is required. In addition to the typing speed, you would require advanced knowledge of the computer packages.

There are several on-line typing programs that you can use for free to assist you in improving your speed and accuracy. For more advanced training, many Community Centres and TAFE Colleges also run programs.

Q. I am looking to return to work after a period of absence. What are my prospects?

A. This will largely depend on the length of the absence and whether you have kept up with your skills and knowledge. For some people and certain roles there will be no difficulty. For others, it may take longer. For your skills not to be perceived as outdated, you can help your employment search by ensuring your skills are current. For an office support position, this may mean brushing up on your computer skills and typing speed. For professional legal or management positions, it may mean attending a seminar or conference that brings you up-to-date on what is current in your specialty, or researching changes to legislation or policy.

Q. On average, how long does it take to secure a new position?

A. This can depend on a number of factors such as your level of experience, area of specialisation and your notice period. Generally speaking, from the time you register for a specific role it can take between 1 to 2 weeks for clients to shortlist for interview. Most companies tend to undertake a 2 stage interview process in addition to skills testing (if relevant) and reference checking. From registering with us for a specific role to being offered the position can take between 1- 4 weeks.

Q. I am keen to leave my current employment. Should I leave now without securing another position first?

A. Unless your current employment situation is untenable, we recommend to be conservative and stay with your current employer until you receive confirmation in writing of a job offer.

If you feel you can no longer stay in your current workplace, then contact our Temp Consultant immediately to discuss options for continued employment.

Q. I am a newly admitted lawyer. What are my prospects of securing employment through a recruitment agency?

A. Most private practice law firms tend to recruit to the market directly for Traineeships and 1st year lawyer roles. We do from time to time have requests from clients to assist with recruitment of junior roles and therefore encourage you to register with us and email your CV to professionals@legalpeople.com.au.